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For this, your calculation speed and accuracy matters a lot. Islam is followed with majority in 9 out of 27 districts. The economy of assam is largely agriculture based with 69% of the population engaged in it. As per the census 2011 out of total population of assam, 14. Census 2011 was the seventh census after independence and fifteenth census overall.

As per the 2011 census, the total population of assam was 31,169,272. This is the most important topic which you should prepare to score good marks. A regression analysis was carried out to examine the association between disability prevalence and demographic and socioeconomic characteristics across districts of india. The tablei shows religion wise percentage of two major and other communities in assam from 1901 to. As per census 2011, hindu are majority in assam state. The national census survey covered all the 28 states of the. Provisional population totals 2011 assam ii format. The android app voter helpline provides you easy searching of your name in electoral roll, filling up online forms, knowing about elections, and most importantly, lodging grievance. Key facts of population census 2011 at a glance pdf.

In assam, religion census 2011 provides good insight of current demography. Islam is also fastest growing religion in assam according to 2011 census report. Population density of assam is calculated as 397 per sq. Muslims are majority in almost 9 districts of assam according to 2011 census. It is necessary that the data is understood with respect to the questionnaire. List of states and union territories of india by sex ratio. District census hand book assam 2011 census of india. The 2011 indian national census has been conducted in 2 phases house listing and population. This is a list of urban agglomerations with populations above 100,000 and cities with populations of less than or equal to 100,000, as per 2011 census in the indian state of assam.

Assam is a state in northeastern india, situated south of the eastern himalayas along the. In all hindu form majority religion in 18 out of 27 districts of assam state. At the time of the census, jammu and kashmir was a state but from 31st october 2019, it has been split into two union territories, namely jammu and kashmir and ladakh. Learn how to download secc list 2011, 2011 census list or census list of assam. Assam 16th largest, 15th most populous and 26th most literate state of the 29 states of the. Download our new mobile app voter helpline from play store. Digital library makes available all census tables published from 1991 to 2011 censuses, census reports and other digital files for free download in soft copy format. A census of population is the total process collecting compiling evaluating analysing and publishing demographic, economic and social data, at a specific time to all person in a country. Secc 2011 data now available for 21 states, download. Villagetownwise primary census abstract, 2011 assam open. Indian census 2011 important facts pdf download census 2011 pdf.

Census 2011 was the 15th national census survey conducted by the registrar general and census commissioner of india. Muslims plays important role in electoral of assam state forming significant 34. Assam is at 14th position in life expectancy and 8th in femaletomale sex ratio. The density of assam state in the current decade is 1030 per sq mile. The detail analysis of population census 2011 published by govt. Pdf migration is the third component of population change, the other two being.

Download secc list 2011 census 2011 assam data secc. Assam population census 2011, assam religion, literacy. According to the census 2011 assam, provisional the decadal 200110 growth of. Impact of deforestation on known malaria vectors in sonitpur district. The secc data is the revealed data by the household members to the enumerator. Assam is the 21st most media exposed states in india. With regards to the sex ratio in jorhat, it stood at 934 females per males, according to the census 2011 directorate. Get data on villagetownwise primary census abstract, 2011 assam. Assam population 2011 as per details from census 2011, assam has population of 3. In some cases districts are further subdivided into sub. Indian census 2011 important facts pdf download census. Agestandardized disability prevalence asdp was calculated using 2011 census data and applying the who world standard population. At present the secc data for census 2011 is available for all states as listed below. Both phase 1 and phase 2 helped in calculation of several census categories in india.

As per 2011 census, total population of assam was 31,169,272. Assam population 20112020 census census 2011 india. The census 2011 is the 15th national census survey conducted by the census organization of india. This information under the same categories and presented the report for the census facts 2011 districts and urban census 2011. The census of india 2021 will be conducted in 2 phases where the house listing is scheduled between april 2020 to september 2020 and the actual population enumeration will be done from february 9 to february 28, 2021. Read to know more about the upcoming and previous census of india. According to the 2011 census, the population of assam is roughly 31,169,272 out of which there were 10,679,345 muslims in the indian state of assam, forming over 34. The total figure of population of urban population was 4,398,542 out of which 2,260,454 were males while remaining 2,8,088 were females. Census is a process of collecting, compiling, analyzing, evaluating, publishing and disseminating statistical data regarding the population of a country. Ranking of states and union territories population census 2001 2011. Languages and mother tongue data of 2011 census released by the census authorities have revealed that percentages of assamese and bodo speakers to the total population in assam have declined while percentages of bengali and hindi speakers in the state have increased over the decade.

Migration as per 2011 census india growth statistics. The total literates in jorhat were 182,600 of which male and female were 96,806 and 85,794 respectively. As we all know static awareness is one of the most important sections asked in competitive exams like ibps, sbi, ssc, railway, state pcs and other competitive exams. Total population of assam as per 2011 census is 31,205,576 of which male and female are 15,939,443 and 15,266,3 respectively. Religion demographics of assam according to the 2011 census, 61.

Open any browser search secc list for landless manual casual labour survey assam click fast link. Assam district wise population, population based on religion in assam. Districts in india census 2011 a district zilla is an administrative division of an indian state or territory. Census of india 2011 15th census of india byjus free. Urban agglomerationscities having population 1 lakh and above pdf. In this video i had showed you how to download 2011 census list secc list. Villagetownwise primary census abstract, 2011 assam. At the census 2011 enumerators were asked to apply a simple test to. Assam records decline in percentage of assamese, bodo, rabha and santali speakers. This information was used even in district census 2011 and the urban population census 2011. Motto of census our census, our future total population of india reached 121 crores 1. Census india 2011 population, religion, cast data as per. The register general of india and the ministry of home affairs of india prepared a scheme to execute the population counting in two phases viz.

We hope it will definitely help you for your upcoming exams. Census of india 2011 pre census houselisting operations population enumeration post census provisional population figures 2011. Key facts of population census 2011 at a glance pdf version. Socioeconomic caste census 2011 data is now available to download for 21 states. Assam castereligion wise population, assam caste wise. After making the weighted values scale free the composite.

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