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The information in this manual is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by hasselblad as. Removal utility floating around that can be downloaded requires. This is optic sensor ccd 3x8000 same as ft 848 the most powerful highend ccd scanner on optical. Find out more about how to scan with your flextight. Imacon as assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage incurred during or as a result of using imacon software or products. The solution it took three days to figure out was a scsitofirewire converter and using an old mac computer, with an old operating system and old version of the imacon colorflex software. Imacon say the colorflex software used in the flextight scanners is very easy to use, yet offers a host of sophisticated image.

If you are a mac user, you should not download this application, as it is for pcs only. Imacon flextight 343, imacon flextight precision ii and imacon flextight. For a dozen years, ive owned an imacon flextight scanner. Find imacon software downloads at cnet, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spywarefree downloads on the web. The other option is an imacon flextight precision ii, which has higher res 5760 dpi, it has af but lacks firewire, and you are stuck with using an old computer for scanning only but it comes with a computer. The imacon flextight photo scanner comes with a standalone application driver providing automated and detailed image quality and color adjustment capabilities supporting the apple macintosh and pc windows computer platforms. Read about the software they are using, which is almost certainly flexcolor not aware of any other software for the flextight so you know how the dialog and buttons work. The state of hasselblad flextight scanners, flexcolor and. All instructions assume the use of the legacy flexcolor 4. By bending the original, the tension creates a straight scanline thus eliminating inaccuraciesthat can cause registration errors and color flaring. The colorflex software is fully color management aware and is supported by a setup interface dialog so you can select a calibrated monitor profile essential to the effective use of the scanner imacon scanner, the scanner profile, the colorspace and its profile. The imacon flextight 949 was the last imacon branded scanner to be released before the merger of imacon and hasselblad, and is significantly better than even previous imacon scanners. I had a similar problem to get my imacon precision 3 going with a scsi interface on a mac.

User group for people with interest in imacon hasselblad scanners. Both scanners were able to extract every ounce of information from the films we tried them with. You can scan 3f files and download new film profiles if you register. This can be downloaded imacon precision ii manual for free on the hasselblad website in the support downloads section. So the workaround would be to download from hasselblad website, the latest flexcolor software version 4. Imacon scanner and firewire card hassles with windows 10. Of course i would prefer to run in win64 as aleski mentioned above. Imacon flextight precision ii scanner via scsi cable turn on the scanner. The new generation of hasselblad scanners, the flextight x1 and x5, are both built around the same foundation. I can say that i can get as good of scans using my polaroid 120 using lasersoft silverfast software as a friend of mine could get when he owned an imacon precision 11. Once installed and set up, which was accomplished easily and simply following the well documented instructions, i did a few initial test scans with familiar film images i use for evaluation. Focus your imacon flextight 646 scanner with the focus calibration sheet from hasselblad.

Imacon flextight precis ion iii the revolutionary repro quality scanner. Ease of use, incomparable quality, unique, batchscanning facilities all packed in a classical and characteristic design. Imacon flextight precision ii with original box one of. Untitled document the flextight x5 is the top model in the flextight scanner series providing the best of all worlds.

A vertical optical system allows the ccd to face downwards, creating a glassfree optical path between the original and the lens. While it certainly didnt change my life, or put to rest all my wildest dreams, it has opened new doorways to. My father was a photographer for around 35 years and towards the end of the 20th century he purchased a imacon now hasselblad flextight precision ii hybrid film scanner. The multiproo ii has hardware ice, and the bestdesigned 120 film tray of any scanner. Page 1 users guide imacon flextight 343 page 2 imacon as assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this manual. Leafscan 45, imacon flextight precision ii and minolta dimage scan multi pro. The scan quality is among the best you get, when the user. Once the scanner has been focused for 3200 dpi the 1. Used in excellent condition protective cover for imacon ixpress camera adaptor photograph of actual item.

An imacon flextight precision ii software upgraded to iii apparently has. Hasselblad offers the newest versions of its scanning software. I will be getting in touch with hasselblad usa, but how no idea how long it takes for them to respond. They still supported real flextight precision iiis, but not precision iis that had been made into precision iiis through. The gcg group is one of the main three pillars of kodak. This scanner is a really good scanner for the money. What is the opinion about the older imacon flextight scsi scanners. However, if you want to download the newest versions of the scanning software, you will need to connect your computer to the internet for that. My best bet is that the 2017 acquisition of hasselblad by dji, a chinese drone. Additionally, imacons scanning software, flexcolor, was really only supported until windows xp sp1 came out. If you have any questions, find your local customer support team contact information at the bottom of this page.

Flextight precision iii specifications virtual drum the only way to get perfect focus with glassfree optical path. Find great deals on imacon flextight 848 scanners, including discounts on the imacon 50200404. The imacon flextight 949 is a superb scanner offering a dynamic range of 4. Is there a way i can get software for scanning negs on catalina. I finally convinced myself to get my dream piece of equipment. The colorflex software is fully color management aware and is supported by a setup. Please notice that we have many film holders available. Imacon flextight precision iii film scanner desktop firewire, scsi overview and full product specs on cnet. Fr1sx is compatbile with winddow 7, but the configuration utility software does not support windows 7. Im trying to run my imacon precision ii iii on a dell precision 690 workstation. Please kindly note that some delays in repairs and shipments are to be expected due to the current global state of affairs. Flextight precision ii on windows 7810 posted by pat hartl march 5, 2017 march 5, 2017 5 comments on flextight precision ii on windows 7810 my father was a photographer for around 35 years and towards the end of the 20th century he purchased a imacon now hasselblad flextight precision ii hybrid film scanner. It handles film with precision no pun intended and comes with truly excellent software, still a weak point of the polaroid.

Imacon flextight precision iii scanner photography forums. Hasselblad focus calibration sheet for flextight 646 h. Helped me troubleshoot my imacon flextight precision ii free of charge. Page 2 imacon flextight 848 sharpness color shadow detail no compromise highend scanning flextight 848 flextight 848 specifications next generation in highend scanners flextight 848 precision iii dont be fooled by the sleek design. Flextight knowhow and hardware were acquired in 2014 when the company merged with imacon. Hasselblad imacon flextight photo film scanner 142 north. Imacon flextight 848 sharpness color shadow detail no compromise highend scanning precision iii same as ft 848 80 dpi to 6300 dpi same as ft 848 film negativepositive print 14 bit true color mode 8 or 16 bit tiff file 10 mbmin. Below is the unedited text of an email from imacon to flextight scanner owners on march 31, 2000. Even though you can find scanners with larger sensors you will not find better. Theflexcolor software comes free on the hasselblad website but i will include a cd with the software for pc and mac on it. How to scan film negatives using silverfast software duration. Hasselblad imacon flextight photo film scanner youtube.

Increase the quality of your slide and negative scans from hasselbladimacon flexcolor with colorperfect. According to hasselbladimacon tech support, the new flexcolor software. So it would need some kind of convertor for the scsi output anyone know if this is possible. I used an atto ul4s adapter imacon precision ii manual and most recently flexcolor it never so much as hiccupped once. About the imacon 949 flextight film scanner image science. Imacon flexframe solutions guide the objective of this guide is to enhance your sales effort by giving you the total overview of camera adapters and other peripherals for one of the worlds most versatile and flexible systems in high end digital photography. The software is easy to understand, real easy for photographers that know their rgb curves. When you are using the imacon flextight scanner, you do not have to be connected to the internet. Last representative system is flextight scanner hasselblad flextight x5 as a successor to a very successful model flextight 848 and flextight 949th flextight 848, for example, selected for their projects, the most global paper photographic agency magnum photos. Since i dont own this particular imacon, i really cant say there is no need for it as you point out.

Flextight 848 scanner and usb connections film forum. Imacon launch flextight precision iii scanner ephotozine. If you suspect your scans are not as sharp as they should be, use this sheet to calibrate your scanner no more than every three months. As much of our staff is currently working remotely, please be aware that if you call our support team, you must leave a voicemail so that we can follow up on your inquiry and call you back. Theres a general problem with downloads for classic mac os files. Increase the quality of your slide and negative scans from hasselbladimacon. Imacon flextight 646, imacon flextight 343, imacon flextight precision ii and imacon flextight. Your wait for the next generation of our software is over. Simply leaving negative or neutral feedback cant solve the problem. Flexcolor the application one uses to capture scans is available from the hasselblad website, but the drivers for the device itself are apparently not available.

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